13 Folds is a community based production company, specializing in multimedia content and live events, which are utilized to build and support community resources. Through these resources 13 Folds connects consumers, retailers, activists, manufacturers, educators, artists, and other industry professionals with each other, in a safe, collaborative, and entertaining environment.

Winning the War On Common Sense, One Mind at a Time…

Each new issue of 13 Folds is released at a private, members only event, which is put together by the 13 Folds Staff, in conjunction with our sponsors and integral members of our community. Each event is used to generate revenue and donations to support local advocacy groups, lobbyists, and other community action networks in need. With the support of our followers, we seek to not only make a difference in our local community but to also inform, educate and entertain a new generation of the cannabis culture and end the unwarranted stigma associated with the marijuana community.

The flagship of the 13 Folds community is the bi-monthly magazine, which is promoted as a limited edition, high quality, full color printed publication, to members of the 21+ Community only. The publication focuses on entertainment, news, current events and commentary for the cannabis culture and like-minded individuals. Though we spotlight topics surrounding the cannabis community, we also provide insight to an array of other discussions including US politics, world news and music. Unlike most other cannabis oriented publications, we take a very responsible approach to topics related to cannabis, which has given us strong support amongst even those who had previously opposed an end to prohibition.

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The Sinner’s Society is an exclusive membership program for the cannabis enthusiast who enjoys live entertainment, fine dining, art and music.  Every month, members are treated to a private “members only” themed dinner; as well as a number of weekly events and monthly concerts FREE of charge.


13 Folds is an independently owned publication, produced from the funds obtained through our events, sponsorships and donations from the community.  10% of our profits are donated to local organizations who seek to promote common sense politics, community and the arts.  Our magazine relies primarily on support from our followers, members, advertisers, and event sponsors. Get involved by attending any 13 Folds event (where you can also find a limited edition print version of the magazine), liking us on Facebook, listening to 13 Folds Radio and making a donation to help keep our vision a reality.  Or become a member and get the full 13 Folds VIP Experience.

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“Either write
something worth
reading or do
something worth

– Benjamin Franklin


Our mission is to be the lead provider of quality multimedia content and productions for the cannabis community. By embracing both the cannabis counterculture and professional sectors of the industry, we have built a network of individuals and affiliates that reaches over 150,000 people per year and is still growing. Together, with this ever expanding fan base, we ultimately seek to legitimize the up and coming cannabis industry and encourage progress on a global scale in medical, industrial and cultural development.