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12 Continued from Page 11  • ATHENA IPM their plants after a rainy day to keep down moisture buildup on the flowers. If you are not diligent in keeping a keen eye on your beloved garden it can fall victim to either of these fungal diseases. For some it will be the end but for others that have prepared it will be just another day in the garden. The best practice is prevention. Preventing any of these plant diseases from occurring will guarantee a successful happy and healthy gardening season. YELLOW LEAF SPOT, also known as leaf Septoria, is brought about by warm weather and rain, and affects marijuana grown outdoors. It may also show up in a nitrogen- deficient plant. Leaf Septoria usually starts to show up on the lower leaves of the plant. These spots may differ in color from white to a grayish brown to yellow, usually look- ing like little round blisters, or bumps, while they continues to grow in size. Septoria, in most cases, won’t cause the plants to die but it will harm the leaves and the stems of the plant. If you do not remedy the issue in a timely manner, it will greatly decrease your plant’s yields. The leaves that are infect- ed will start to dry up where the spots are and eventually break and form a small hole where the spots were located. The leaves that are the most affected will become totally yellow then start to dry out and fall off. You will definitely want to get rid of all the leaves that fall off. If you don’t remove them, you will end up with a breeding ground I also found that Athena IPM works well for fungal and pest issues. It is ex- empt from registration with the U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGEN- CY and is considered as a minimum risk pesticide. It is a mix of essential oils and a few other compounds BUD ROT (BOTRYTIS OR GREY MOLD) is a fungus that affects many different types of plants. In the case of cannabis plants, bud rot prefers to infest the stems inside the flowers themselves. That makes botrytis hard to detect in its early stages of infestation. Bud rot produces airborne spores that can destroy your entire garden in no time. Once it gets a foothold, it will spread like wildfire and devour its way through the whole flower and threaten other plants nearby. Bud Rot also causes poor absorption of water and nutrients through the leaves. Which in turn will cause the death of your plant unless you take quick action to remedy or have a good prevention method. Unfortunately, once bud rot has taken hold, there is no real way to combat it other than to remove the infected portions or the removal of the whole plant itself. Be mindful when removing infected portions of your plants because the spores spread easily and can overcome your garden very quickly. Preven- tion is key when it comes to bud rot. The only real way to prevent it from occurring is to try and keep the dampness and humidity down. Some shake  

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