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 BY VAN WHO for spores that will develop and overtake your plants the following season when the weather warms up again. Septoria spores travel by water as well as by wind and will stick to your boots and clothes if you are not mindful. You can avoid the damage Yellow Leaf Spot causes to your plants through crop rotation. Basically, after every harvest you will pick a new location to plant. If you are not able to do this, after harvesting you should completely get rid of all leftovers from the last vegetation and till the soil really well to make sure all remains are gone. Don’t get discouraged if your garden falls victim to any of the above ail- ments. Even the most seasoned gardeners have had to deal with fungal diseases several times throughout gardening evolution before they find the best prevention methods. Keeping a tidy area and defoliating properly as well as keeping a constant eye on your plants is the best prevention practice and is the best you can do when dealing with certain plant dis-    eases and ailments. Another option would be to pur- chase VAN_STRANZ or other reputable breeders’          mold and pest resistant strains.  Good luck out there and most of all, stay healthy. VAN WHO               13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021             13 

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