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 My very first Terptown Throwdown was by invite only and it was located at a private mainly-indoor venue, of which the whereabouts was privately messaged to invitees the day of the event. But that was three years ago. Today Terptown Throwdown is located at Spencer Fairgrounds in Spencer, Massachusetts, it is open to the public, and tickets are available for pur- chase online. With its clean and manicured grounds, bleacher-style seating, area for stag- ing musical acts, show buildings, ample portable restroom and hand-wash- ing stations, plenty of parking, walk-to-camping lot, and overall orderly layout, I’d say the Spencer Fairgrounds is the perfect venue to host such an event as Terptown Throwdown. Two rows of food trucks and an outdoor restroom area separated from the rest of the fairgrounds by a paved path made up the Food Court, which I loved because the delicious scents coming from some of those food trucks did not take away from the sweet sensimellia flavors that could be smelled throughout the main part of the festival. Banners boasting the Throwdown’s biggest sponsors, such as 13 Folds Magazine, City Slickers Genetics, MCR Labs, Plymouth County Growers, the Summit Lounge, and CannatrolTM, to name a bunch, perfectly decorated the ground’s fencing, and the live art happening all weekend along part of the fence just before the stage added the perfect music and arts festival vibe. Walking from the VIP building back through the festival I had my fill of eye candy when I saw the genetics vendors were abundant on the main part of the fairgrounds, as were the starving artists and weed leaf covered apparel. Continued on Page 16 15 HIGH SOCIETY TERPTOWN THROWDOWN RECAP: THE THIRD TIME’S A CHARM 13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021 BY ANNE ROSE 

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