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16 Continued from Page 15    There were tables and tables of vendors eager for festival goers to try their genetics, and some like City Slickers and Goat and Monkey even gave seed samples to VIP guests. I got some Peach Haze seeds from City Slickers that I’m looking forward to planting this winter. Speaking of the Very Important Patrons- the 13 Folds Magazine and 13 Folds Live teams held court inside the VIP building where they handed out event swag bags and answered any questions festival goers had. The magazine’s radio show broadcasted live on Lemonadio, complete with an interview with the throwdown’s head honcho. Tables to rest and privately medicate, and cold water were made available inside the VIP building as well, which was quite a relief in the mid-day’s heat all weekend-long. And hot it was! BlayZing sunshine and a tropical storm watch in effect the en- tire weekend due to the impending hurricane immediately following made even standing in the shade almost unbearable. I spoke with one event goer who couldn’t wait to get back to Arizona saying, “You New Englanders are STRRRONG!! I can do heat but not this humidity!”. And my new friend at the Labyrinth Seed Co. booth, who flew out from Oregon, said he was happy for the adventure regardless of his pending flight cancellation. The patron attire was true to an outdoor music and arts festival, with some female attendees in full-on butterfly costumes, while others, due to the heat, were dressed in barely-there outfits, some in bikini tops and shorts, while those luckyass men went shirtless. With popular musical acts like Iya Terra and Collie Buddz and close-by camp- ing it was no surprise that some folks had come out just to dance on the grass all weekend-long, despite the ridiculous heat. Both Friday and Saturday the lawn in front of the stage was flocked with weed and music enthusiasts but Saturday night’s closing act stole the whole weekend as fireworks lit up the humid August night sky and Hannah Jane presented Collie Buddz himself a huge masterpiece of a 37th birthday cake on stage. And HUGE masterpiece it was! Hannah Jane and Soberst0ner baked up a 40+ pound cake before 

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