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13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021   THE WINNERS OF THE 2021 TERPTOWN THROWDOWN ARE • DRINKS • 1ST Mary Palmer’s Blueberry Lemonade 2ND Mary Palmer’s Peach Iced Tea • CBD TOPICAL • 1ST High Standard Cannabis’s Pain Chilling Salve 2ND Mary Palmer’s Rose Lotion • CBD EDIBLES • 1ST Magic Lady’s Watermelon Gummy Drops 2ND Mary Palmer’s Pickles • CBD FLOWER • 1ST Rogues Island Genetics’ Fruit Pharm Punch 2ND Rogues Island Genetics’ Apple Pharm Punch Continued on Page 18 13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021 17 BY ANNE ROSE showing off their crafty decorating work on top with spectacular fondant de- signs by Soberst0ner and Hannah Jane created a cool buttercream with over 8 pounds of butter! Talk about the icing on the cake! Also true to outdoor music and arts festivals, and as I mentioned earlier, one entire section of fence was dedicated to live art all weekend. Four extremely talented artists set up painting shop, creating from dawn through dusk and I truly enjoyed seeing the huge, blank white canvases become masterpieces. @dipsoulion, @naturalsnatural, @sarahfuckindyer, and @artifaktsupply, as known on Instagram, spent two long, hot days painting their talented hearts out. Each piece was a genuinely unique work of art but the one that stood out to me the most was the butterfly done by @sarahfuckingdyer because I love butterflies and because once it was done I saw many happy ladies having their picture taken in front of it. So fun! Now let’s talk terpy! As I first mentioned, Terptown Throwdown was once a private event. Home growers around the Cannabis Community could enter their THC or CBD flower to be judged by their fellow “home growers”. Although the event has evolved tremendously into the music and arts festival we all love today, it will stay true to its original goal... who has the terpiest weed around? The awards were announced throughout the weekend with the overall winner an- nounced around 4:20 and presented with a Throwdown plaque and a golden nugget. So here’s what you really want to know... Drumroll please!   

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