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 22 Looking like a vanilla coated nug and tasting like it too, the London Pound Cake is anything but “vanilla”. I had been feeling hopeless as far as weed goes, nothing was elevating my mood enough and I was seriously thinking the dreaded tolerance break might be what I needed. I had this London Pound Cake hanging around and it smelled and looked so damn sweet I couldn’t help myself. And I’m so glad I couldn’t! This is the one I’ve been searching for! With a mom like Sunset Sherbet- who’s parent mom is my favorite, Girl Scout Cookies, of course this pretty little lady is deliciously perfect for just about anything. If you’re stubborn like me and refuse to use a grinder breaking up this beauty can be quite the sticky situation. but the smell of cupcakes and surprisingly smooth burn totally make up for it. So does the flavor. The flavor is absolutely ridiculous with a citrusy earth on the pull and a fresh baked vanilla cupcake on that sweet exhale, with a clean and creamy vanilla smoke. Oh my!! Make sure you have a hot toddy or cup of tea nearby though because this one turns the inside of your mouth to cotton! This gorgeous bud is delicious in the morning before my workout, which was such a breeze I hardly felt my muscles had been worked until my cool-down. I must say though, if you do try this at home be sure you drink plenty of water during your workout because that cotton-mouth I mentioned comes in nice and strong with increased sweat. At night a few hefty bong rips had the power to knock me out, but not before indulging my sweet tooth. During the day wrapped in hemp paper the Girl Scout Cookies in the Sunset Sherbet really packed a punch for me. I wanted to do EVERYTHING and my creative energy was off the charts! In an orange BLAYZE REVIEWS: LONDON POUND CAKE 

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