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                THE CANNABIST’S CORNER        THE BUTTER BREWER The Butter Brewer system is a unique cannabis multi-cooker, advanced for its time in the cannabis arena. The Butter Brewer is the first official patented multi-cooker associated with cannabis. Mary and Jason Young invented this device to provide consumers with an easier way to make oil, butter and tinctures at the push of button. Of course they can be used for all sorts of projects in the cooking/holistic realms, but this incredible product truly does it all. You can decarboxylate directly in the machine which saves the consumer a number of steps. The Mesh Strainer that’s included with your purchase makes filtering out raw material from your end product a breeze. All the cookware is nonstick and removable, making cleanup quick and easy. This device also includes a mixing element, to blend different mixtures of a variety of textures etc., that can be removed based upon the specific needs of your project. You even have the capability of controlling how fast or slow the paddle agitates your creation, which can sometimes make a significant difference in how a product solidifies etc. The capacity of the Butter Brewer is a phenomenal 5 Liters, outshining its competitors by allowing you the ability to make more product and spending less time doing it. Overall, this product is extremely unique and useful in a multitude of tasks. WE GIVE BUTTER BREWER AN OVERALL GRADE OF A+   PRESENTATION: EASEOFUSE: EFFICIENCY: CAPACITY: CLEANING: B+ Nice, Simple Packaging A+ VeryIntuitive A Does Everything A+ LargeVapacity,5Liters A Quick & Easy             

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