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 28 INTERPRETASTING CANNABIS CULTURE NOTEWORTHY EVENTS & HAPPENINGS InTERPretasting features a gourmet dining experience, coupled with complimentary infusions and craft cannabis, putting a new spin on traditional food pairings. Lead by Executive Chef, Bailey Johnson and hosted by the legendary Cannabis Expert, Bobby Nuggz, this team provides one of the only true VIP experiences in the cannabis industry. Enjoy courses of gourmet food, paired with diverse cannabis strains in a safe and new way. The food is typically not infused unless the guest makes that request - the pairing is all in SMOKING your samples and TASTING the terpenes through your sense of smell. 11.19.21 | 6:00PM - 9:00PM | WORCESTER, MA • WWW.INTERPRETASTING.COM 13 Folds’ Danksgiving Feast features a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, with a southern flare. Deep-fried turkey is served with collard greens, savory stuffing, pecan and marshmallow topped candied yams, and red bliss mashed potatoes. Ev- erything is topped off with our homemade “Wavy Gravy” and served with a side of Nana’s Own Cranberry Sauce. Pump- kin Pie and Pecan Pie will be served for dessert and there will be an After Party held indoors, from 8:00AM - 1:00AM, featuring live music and drinks. 11.20.21 | 4:00PM - 7:00PM | PROVIDENCE, RI • WWW.13FOLDS.COM The only game show where the contestants are higher than the points. Contestants will battle through 3 rounds of trivia, art class, and joint rolling. The final 2 contestants will go head to head in our final round called “Eye an Ounce” where you must eye what you think is closest to an ounce. Whoever’s closest, under or over, will be crowned our Highest Honor. 12.01.21 | 7:00PM - 9:30PM |BOSTON, MA • FACEBOOK @ THE WEED GAME SHOW LIVE THE 4TH ANNUAL DANKSGIVING FEAST THE WEED GAME SHOW: HOSTED BY DAN HALL 

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