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 Since 2017 the USA Squash-Off has been a competition in a league of its own. It is unique in that it pioneers transparency with judging in an open, educational event that allows the competitors to hear constructive feedback in real time and also allows them to learn from expert judges in the field. The Squash Off also creates an atmosphere that is conductive to learning and growing, and the constructive feedback can be utilized by competitors as well as other cultivators. USA Squash-Off’s founder, Bobby West, affectionately known as Uncle Stoner, is a Veteran of the United States Navy, a living legend in the Cannabis In- dustry, and he’s made educating the public about the importance of quality cannabis his life’s mission. His competition is setting an industry standard for educating as many people as possible about the importance of clean canna- bis, differentiating terpene profiles, and understanding the importance of the maturity and color development of the trichomes. Having taken place all around the world, from Amsterdam to Mexico, and at events such as Chalice, in California the USA Squash-Off is appropriately named because the competitors of this event enter their cannabis flower to be pressed, or “squashed”, into rosin. The judges critique the quality of the flower and the finished rosin product. Categories include aroma, trichome structure, effect, and more. High marks are not easy to come by as the judg- es meticulously examine each flower’s trichomes under a microscope before making a decision. The judges are chosen by their exemplary knowledge in cultivation and extraction, and prior judges include Frenchy Cannoli, Mila - The Hash Queen of Amsterdam, and many more. Continued on Page 32 31 THE COMPETITIVE SPIRIT UNCLE STONER’S USA SQUASH OFF: LET’S SQUASH THIS 13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021 BY ELLEN BROWN 

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