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 44 Now this is a story all about how the directors got twisted upside down. I’d like to take a minute so sit right there; I’m going to tell you how MassCann only had 36 days to prepare! High Secret Stoner fans! It’s the man, the myth, and the legend himself, the Secret Stoner, on location, writing to you from the top of Mount Mary Jane in the Boston Common. This is a very special arti- cle for us here at the Secret Stoner office. Both Lady J and I got our start in cannabis activism because of MassCann. If we didn’t attend our first Boston Freedom Rally in 1998, we probably wouldn’t be here writing this beautiful piece of artwork for you now! Before I get too carried away with sentimental memories let’s get down to this story. Events all over New England this year have been extremely modified, or cancelled altogether, as we continue to bat- tle the Covid-19 pandemic. The directors of MassCann were thrown a major positive curveball when permits were approved by the City of Boston to hold a one day in-person 32nd annual Boston Freedom Rally, giving MassCann only 36 days to prepare. From a consumer standpoint you would have never known. The morning of the rally we met with our group and headed into town. Upon entering the Common, the crisp morning air was already spiked with beautiful smells of sweet cannabis and delicious food. Our first stop, the MassCann Education Village stage, where they hold panels in an array of subjects for consumers, caregivers and patients alike, THE SECRET STONER IN MASS WE CANN: 36 DAYS OR BUST 

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