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   featuring amazing speakers like the Great Grandfather of Hybrid Can- nabis, Rick Naya. (Quick side note: We here at The Secret Stoner and 13 Folds Magazine have been awarded the Official Rick Naya Quality Seal of Approval. For more information watch The Rick Naya Show ev- ery Thursday on Facebook, brought to you by MassCann.) After spending some time at Education Village and having a sesh at the main stage (shout out to River Run Gardens), we decided to visit some of our favorite vendors. Lady J was so stoked to tie-dye her own Mary Palmer T-Shirt (shout out to Stenny and Lynne) and visit with her friend Connor from Headie Supplies (stay tuned for a future re- view). The incredible music filled the air while we travelled to the top of Mount Mary Jane . We pulled out our waterproof picnic blanket and proceeded to relax as we prepared for the 4:20 safety meeting. As I sparked up I couldn’t help to think about how I could feel Kyle “Elmo” Corrao’s spirit all around us . Everywhere we turned I saw people kicking down to others, big smiles, friends hugging... it was beautiful. Like I said before, from a general consumer standpoint you would have never known what MassCann had to go through to pull this year’s rally off without a hitch. Plenty of clean porta potties, pump BY SECRET STONER sinks, vendors, and food trucks ... all of our needs were met. Now normally we do pro’s and con’s with our reviews but I did say this was a special article. We hope you enjoyed reading about the Rally and that you will come out and join us on the Common next year. This is the Secret Stoner signing off! THE SECRET STONER                                        13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021       45  

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