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 Thank you once again to everyone who supports 13 Folds through reading the magazine, listening to 13 Folds Radio, or coming out to visit us at any one of the variety of events that we put together for the community. Our 8th Annual Wonderland Tea Party was a massive success this year, and was one of the best lineups we have had perform thus far. The food was amazing and the vendors were all top notch, as always. These events are what keep us going. Without your participation, we would not be able to do the activism or provide the multiple resources of entertainment that we do. Please continue to stay involved and help us be the leading entertainment resource for the cannabis community. We are not High Times or Sensi Magazine. We do not, nor have we ever, had any type of corporate structure. We are, and will always be, a grassroots estab- lishment who works towards strengthening the foundation of the cannabis community, without selling out to “the man.” We look forward to working with the best of the best in this community, and cherish every sponsor, reader, ven- dor, and attendee that we associate with. You are all like family to us and we appreciate that you support our quest to stand amongst giants, even though we are nothing more than droplets of water in the vast ocean of this industry. Please visit to keep up to date with upcoming events, as well as our 13 Folds Live schedule. Feel free to come out and be a part of our live stu- dio audience, every Tuesday at the Parlour in Providence, from 8PM - 10PM. Join us for empanadas, drinks, and live music in a safe, friendly environment. You can also visit us every Wednesday for Funk Night, at Askew in Providence, from 9PM - Midnight. Please reach out to us on the 13 Folds Magazine Face- book page if you would like any information about upcoming shows (which we have Danksgiving coming up on November 20th, and my 49th Birthday Bash on December 18th) or become a member of the Sinner’s Society for FREE entry into any of our events. Thank you for your support. DAVID SORGMAN 47 EPILOGUE THANKS FOR NUTHIN’! 13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021 BY DAVID SORGMAN 

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