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 4 Life has changed for so many in the last two years. Between Covid, social justice, elections... it seems the world has turned upside down and we have forgotten how to communicate with one another. Simple misunderstandings and arguments that, 2 years ago could’ve been settled over a smoke circle, have now turned brother against brother in this crazy era. In the before-time you would talk things out, maybe even get overheated, but to end deep collaborations has become a weekly occurrence if anyone is paying attention to social media rants. “I WAS ENAMORED OVER GETTING INTO ROOMS WITH FAMOUS MUSICIANS, ACTORS, AND DIRECTORS I ADMIRED.” A saving grace for me during this time has been a platform called Clubhouse. Clubhouse began in the fall of 2019 as a social media audio app. It gained popularity among the music industry first, and by 2020 cannabis centric rooms became a staple in the “hallway”. At first it was a novel idea, but now we see many older platforms like Facebook and Twitter making their own audio chats. The app reminds me of an audio version of old school chat rooms like IRC and within it there are thousands of clubs. Each club decides what it is about, its rules, mods, members, etc. There are rooms either created within a club or separately. They can be private for members only or public for all on the application. There are moderators, people who just listen, and people allowed to speak. The club and room topics are as diverse as the clientele. The app first only worked on IOS devices and only if you had an invite to enter, now it is open to all users all over the world. It’s even created a lot of communities as well as brought already formed groups to branch out on a new platform. I was enamored over getting into rooms with famous musicians, actors, and directors I admired. One of my favorites who keeps visiting is the creator from GENERATION NEXT THE FACEBOOK EXODUS: WE BE HANGING IN DA CLUB 

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