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 BY MICHELLE HERMAN American History X. He is unbelievably brilliant. I was able to thank Ricki Lake for her show, as it was the only one of its type that was aired in Israel at the time. I thanked her for bringing America to me during those hard years when I was homesick so far from home. I found myself sitting (virtually) face to face with the creator of one of my all- time favorite strains -Sherbinski. Listening to people like him speak, I feel like I’m sitting in a master class. There are so many OG growers and caregivers, most I had only heard or read about. Now to hear their stories in an intimate setting, and to interact and share a stage with these icons is an honor. Another of my favorites, all rooms opened by the famous Oaksterdam University. I have learned from the best about cannabis growing and where to find more classes and networking options. The people that can populate these clubs are some that I’ve only seen in documentaries or bookshelves. To share such an intimate space with them is both humbling and utterly rewarding, and with their vast knowledge, to meet some of them as old friends has been the best. Clubhouse became this beacon of hope for many of us across the globe after getting locked down one by one due to Covid. Users were able to connect to Continued on Page 6     13 FOLDS MAGAZINE • ISSUE XXIX• NOVEMBER 2021    5 

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