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6 Continued from Page 5  others from continent to continent, each of us having very similar experiences during the pandemic, even when we were thousands of miles away. We connected with people in countries like Iran, India, and Saudi Arabia. All of us were having similar fears and thoughts. It really brought us together in a way that had never been done before. Sitting in rooms with UAE and Israelis talking business. Peace became a reality between so many during the Abraham accords. We actually got to see and experience it in real time, even thousands of miles away. I loved how many were interested in learning more about Israel and Hebrew in preparation for the first visits. Joining rooms before a big event like MJBIZCON became a lifeline to meeting the right people. In this age where we look closely at a person’s character as much as what they can bring to a company, tools like Clubhouse have become invaluable. You can only fool people so long before your true nature shows in your voice or your actions. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. It doesn’t matter if you are hooked up with the suits or not. You are accountable for your words and actions and a well-placed meme or Facebook call-to-action post just isn’t on the same level. As the weeks turned into months with no end of Covid in sight, many of us found new communities and people to bond with while stuck at home. I’ve listened to live music from top Israeli pop singers six thousand miles away. It really did feel like it was an intimate evening among friends. Every so often some famous hip-hop stars come in to chat, one in particular used to come in regularly looking for that night’s company. Girls would change their profile photos to all sorts of crazy selfies, trying to catch the attention of the top dog. One of my favorite recurring rooms is the Cannabis News Show. It never disappoints with pertinent news headlines and the zany antics of the hosts. Many are well known both in the cannabis industry and community. I always jump into a room that’s being hosted by Cannabis Talk 101. I have a tremendous respect for the hosts of these rooms that keep it both entertaining and professional. I was even able to meet a few and they are even more amazing in person. I can’t wait for the next meet ups.  “IT IS HEARTWARMING TO SEE THAT WE CAN STILL COME TOGETHER AND WORK THINGS OUT.“  

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